About us

QuillTools is a free online tool that will rephrase any text for you independently of its length.

As there's no length or trial limit, you can rephrase chunks of text, product descriptions or a whole article at once.

about QuillTools

Not only that but our paraphrasing tool, with no word limit, corrects grammatical errors and enhances vocabulary, helping you become more eloquent in your writing.

quilltools.com was founded to help not only writers or copywriters but also regular people who've just started their business. Our paraphrasing tool without limit gives you the opportunity to rephrase unlimited text without any restrictions.

As QuillTools is responsive to desktop and mobile, you can use our paraphrasing tool with no limit on all interfaces.

Starting from now, don't worry anymore about your writing as it can be very easy using our paraphrasing tool without limit.

How it all began?

QuillTools beginning

As many of you, we are a company that needs developers, marketers, and writers. Sometimes we write things from scratch, and sometimes we just need to paraphrase some content to directly merge with ours for one of the following reasons:

We've used a lot of paraphrasing and writing tools, and QuillTools is one of the amazing ones, but it is not free.

As we are developers and as we've done with many of our other online solutions, we've started thinking: Why wouldn't we make our own paraphrasing tool with no limit?

It was a spark that lightened everything, and then we've started developing our AI-based tool in a way that suited our needs:

QuillTools was born and we named it after Quillbot because it was the last solution we were using before moving to our own paraphrasing tool with no word limit.

What is beneficial in our solution?

QuillTools advantages

As we said before, the first idea behind our tool was to suit our needs in terms of writing. As we are professional bloggers and developers, we know that QuillTools will be an exact match for what you're looking for in your business.

Using QuillTools will:

What you have to do now?

QuillTools what to do

In your blog, e-commerce product pages, news articles or others you always need to make updates to the titles, description and the content especially if your page doesn't rank yet or it does rank but it is hard to reach by the user.

This process can be very tedious and costly and this is why we suggest using QuillTools. Starting from know, you can:

  1. Copy the concerned text or the hole article
  2. Paste it by clicking the paste button without worrying about the words limit
  3. Choose the rephrasing mode depending on what you need
  4. Click rephrase and wait for few seconds
  5. Copy again the result and paste it inside your content

Repeat this small process for each one of your pages. After a while you will see the result in your analytics dashboard.

You need to know that search engines now use a lot of artificial intelligence and they can detect if your content is written in a professional manner.

As you may know, the majority of ranking pages are businesses: people who hire tons of professional people to do the required job for them. If you want to compete with them, you need at least to have a descent unique writing.

How to join us?

QuillTools team

We are a dedicated team of developpers, writers and marketers and we always need new talents. We hire in freelance as well as in full time job.

We are very ambitious and aiger learners who adapts with the need of the market and the internet. In our era we live in a world where high competition became a norm. We have to deal then with things much more bigger than that. And for that reason we need open minded people who know how to reach a goal.

If you are interrest in joining us, please contact us to send us your request. We can ensure that you'll receive our response as soon as possible.

We're happy that you're here reading us and if you like the way we think please share with friends and family

QuillTools API

If you want to implement our rephrasing tool inside your website, we can provide a free API for you. You will be able to automate the rephrasing process using a simple REST code in your server.

To get your API key and documentation, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will provide you all the information you need. We also have no limitations on our API, you can use it as long as you want.

As we said before, QuillTools was first designed for our own purpose, but we don't mind sharing it with others.