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This Quillbot SEO Optimizer is a free alternative for SEO users or SEO marketing agencies to instantly get the advantage of our page optimizer with its AI technology and real time content editor to measure the right keywords, HTML tags and make the best SEO optimization in no time. Thousands of bloggers are making ranking article without the need to go through SEO companies and save a lot of time and money.

With this SEO optimizer you can:

  • → Use our real-time content editor
  • → Get keywords with their semantics
  • Write content using NLP keywords
  • Create the perfect HTML structure
  • → Get our AI formulat to rank one
  • Save your optimization and HTML
  • → Get the best headings and questions

Quick SEO tips before you start

  • One page = One main keyword (unless you know what you do)
  • On top of our keywords and headers your can use your own as well
  • Your article's word count matters: always respect our ranges
  • Internal links matters: three internal links sound like nothing for search engine
  • Use the maximum of the proposed headers and questions
  • Keywords on top are more relevant than keywords on the bottom of each list

Important tips for the best editor usage

  • If something is wrong in the editor's auto-updates, use the clean button to clear the cache
  • You can use Pixabay as a source of images but they don't provide permanent links anymore, you can download them from our menu as you go
  • It is important to read about how to use NLP keywords by clicking the tip in the editor or at the very bottom of this page
  • We suggest focusing first on the 3-word keywords because they most likely already contain both 2-word and 1-word ones.
  • The content stays on your browser, but always save your work on your device in HTML and in our format
  • If you want to optimize two articles at the same time, use another browser user session
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How to use NLP keywords?

It is important to use NLP keywords because it helps Google search engine to identify the answer to questions or the interresting content accuratly.

It is really a huge change and very impactful new SEO factor. For those reasons, we implement them in our SEO optimizer.

Here is an example:

seo optimize 0/ 3 - 5

This keyword is wrong grammatically, but because it is an NLP keyword, here is how you can use it:

  • ...seo to optimize...
  • ...seo and optimize...
  • ...seo when you optimize...

"to", "and" and "when you" are called stop words and the keyword will be still counted even if you use them. This will make it easier for you to implement keywords smoothly and at the same time your content will be more reachable by Google AI bots.

Import your article to the editor: Import your article and guidelines to the editor:
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If something is wrong, click "Clean" to remove cache.



seo optimizer

SEO optimizer

An SEO optimizer tool helps optimizing your SEO strategy on any website by crawling and analyzing it to get metrics that may be helpful fore a healthy pages. It can specialize more on technical SEO or on on-page-SEO depending on the vision or specialty of each software provider. For example Screaming frog is more about your site performance and HTML than keywords and backlinks like Ahrefs and Semrush. 

In reality SEO companies need to have a set of different tools to cover all search engines and Google requirement for a ranking page. There are a lot of parameters and variables that let SEO go by specialty. Every marketing SEO agency should automate repetitive SEO tasks and choose the right tool to make an in-depth SEO optimization in a small time.

For every SEO optimization service, tools are key and in general technical SEO can be handled without the need of a lot of knowledge. It also doesn't affect your rankings as much as on-page-SEO because for a lot of technical issues, search engines like Google can know that something has been done by mistake and will alert you without affecting your rankings. However, it is very important to use tools like Screaming Frog to check if you didn't done something by mistake and to enhance your website on that level.

Here's an important question that you may have in mind: Are tools like Ahrefs and Semrush considered as SEO optimizers?
Ahrefs and Semrush has a lot to give to every SEO marketing agency because they provide not only important search engine metrics, but also keywords metrics and data to optimize your ads campaigns. But one thing is sure for a 100%,: you can't use them without a good prior knowledge of the Google search engine optimization techniques and updates.

Every SEO marketing agency should be well informed on the best ways and updates to optimize for Google's search engine. They also must be well connected to share information and feedback from other agencies to stay on the line and get the best search engine results.

Is there an SEO optimizer that doesn't require any prior knowledge of SEO?

Our SEO optimizer offers the must efficient way to do on-page-SEO optimization. You can instantly start creating a page that can rank higher on Google with those few steps:

  1. Enter your principal keyword or keywords
  2. Paste a URL of your existing article or upload an html file if you don't start from scratch
  3. Click the button optimize your page
  4. Wait few second while our AI algorithms are calculating your optimization
  5. After the end of the optimization, start editing your content on our SEO editor and follow the real-time instructions

What are Key features of our SEO optimizer?

Our SEO optimizer utilizes the power of AI to know which metrics are the best to create your ranking page. We crawl the web everyday and gather data about ranking in Google search engine to create an accurate AI model that will dict you what SEO metrics should be respected. 

Our SEO optimizer will give you all the metrics you need to use to make the best page for Google ranking:

  • HTML tags to use 
  • Keyword density
  • Heading and text questions
  • Word count for text content and comments
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Titles and questions suggestions
  • Keywords, semantically related keywords and NLP keywords to use from one word to multiple
  • Real-time metrics measurement and global score
  • A content editor to export your HTML or import it
  • Possibility to save your SEO optimization in our custom format and send it to anyone else
  • Internal links and links metrics

Our SEO optimizer is very handy when you want to outsource your content writing or if you use it with your team. You can start by creating your SEO optimization, put your notes on the editor and send it to your writers.

Our SEO optimizer is used not only by SEO marketing firms, but also by bloggers and copywriters. It is also perfect for amateurs or people who can't do their own SEO and can't afford to pay an SEO agency. 

This SEO optimizer is very handy and doesn't require to subscribe to any services. Anyone can use it on his level. For example, a blogger who has hundreds of non optimized pages and has never done SEO before, can easily use our tool to optimize his old content and avoid deleting pages you think they don't perform.

The power of our SEO optimizer resides in its ability to check your page similarly to the way that Google would do to rank it. It will give you not only the classical keywords but also the NLP keywords that Google detects and that you can use in different ways to avoid making text content that looks keyword stuffed.

What does SEO Optimizer do?

SEO Optimizer has a strong AI model that works similarly to Google search engine when it come to ranking your website. It will give you all needed metrics to be considered by Google as a top page that deserves first position in search engine results.

SEO Optimizer has a real-time content editor that updates the metrics and measures your score smoothly when you are writing. You can save your editor as an HTML page or as a custom file that will have your content plus the metrics. You are able to use this file from anywhere as our online tool resides on our servers and can be reached from our the URL.

By using SEO Optimizer you will save a lot of time in keyword researching and article editing. If you can't perform SEO optimization, this tool will help you make optimized articles without the need of learning anything.

Using our SEO optimizer will help you focus only on the content to make articles that your users like because the SEO part will be handled for you. You also have access to Pixabay API to integrate free stock photos in your content.

Does SEO optimization really work?

One simple rule known by every SEO marketing agency or marketer: A great content would never rank without the right SEO optimization.

It can happen sometimes but to perform well almost every time you need the best SEO optimization strategy to leverage your competition. 

Our SEO optimization tool has been tested with hundreds of pages. It is really more than enough when you want to optimize your page for a keywords. It can handle classical keywords, semantically related keywords, NLP keywords and a whole bunch of other metrics that you are supposed to do manually with Ahrefs for example and add to that your expertise. Our SEO Optimizer will not only save all this work and time, but also will give you the right instructions that you should be using to rank higher and trigger Google search engine algorithm.

Check our article on SaaS SEO Optimization.


There's not so much SEO companies that can offer every SEO optimization service that Semrush have on their online marketing search engine optimization tool. They have statistics for every keyword rankings and volume of search. 

Semrush's online tool is used by search optimization companies from all over the word and they base their search optimization services on it. Semrush has the ability to give the amount for every backlink each website has, and can also provide your competitor's source of traffic.

Semrush search engine optimization help for small companies is great because it gives them the ability to access the SEO audit tool and rank higher on Google without paying for an SEO optimization service from a marketing or SEO agency.

Using Semrush's SEO web application make it possible to analyse you website performance like your core web vitals, to know exactly what you are missing in your website's design and code structure. It helps also on the analyse of the content, metadata and many other On-Page-SEO metrics in a way that is clear and easy to follow. You are able to see your website audit and dive deep into each item to fix all the factors to rank higher on Google.

Semrush can help every marketing SEO agency in their ads campaigns to give the best SEO service to theirs clients in term of Google ads within different type of businesses. It becomes simple to become one of the best companies for SEO, as long as you get the data first. Because Semrush will post regular updates for every keywords and every metric they have to be able to get the opportunities and make a lot of benefit.


With their free SEO tools, Ahrefs website had became the must visited one in the category of tools for SEO optimization service. They have a clear and easy to follow user interface that makes their online application very accessible with a very clean view on the data and the metrics. 

Ahrefs have a paid plan also, but their others free SEO tools can be accessed without any registration or sign-up, and they don't set a daily usage limit like others do. You can't however dive deep into the info, but it is more than enough for anyone who wants to get their hands dirty with SEO.

Ahrefs has the leverage in a lot of fields of online SEO optimization service and for that reason, they are the most used by search optimization companies who want to have the best SEO service. For example, with Ahrefs, you can have detailed data about every backlink you have, thing that is not available with Semrush.

Ahrefs is used by almost every search engine optimization services company, for their websites, their clients websites, their content creation and their ads campaigns. Ahrefs has incorporated the use of AI in content creation by their outline generator or the paragraph writer. It is a complete tool for every SEO marketing company to get the best result and always stay informed about their competition.

Google analytics

It is a totally free tool provided by Google themselves to help get the traffic metrics and user engagements with all your websites pages and widgets. You will be able to see your data history and your realtime statistics to monitor your website usage by countries, devices and many other useful information.

You can create you own reports that you export with their figures and charts that really save time for you and your client if you know how to handle that. As you may know, a good search optimization services need knowledge on the powerful tool. Every SEO marketing company should invert in learning this kind of tools to make giving professional SEO services a norm and leverage its competition.

Google analytics is more about the result of your SEO strategy than an SEO optimizer because through it, you can monitor your traffic which is your base goal. You can use it in parallel with an SEO audit tool like Ahrefs to check the reality against the theory and try to improve and tweak what you've done before. 

On of the must time consuming task that SEO companies do is reporting. SEO marketing business is based on large amounts of data that need to be visualized and analysed. By leveraging the use of Google analytics, SEO marketing agency  will be able to double the number of their clients with the same teams and with less effort, especially if Google Analytics is combined with Google Tags Manger which is the other free tool from Google that help follow users engagement through thousands of your pages.

Google search console

It is another free tool from Google that offers the exact same type of data that Ahrefs and Semrush do, like keywords metrics, core web vitals and other factors of page optimization, only this time after that your website had been indexed in Google.

Tools like Ahrefs and Semrush can inform you about how is your website doing on Google, but the data stays very inaccurate simply because they don't have direct access to your website. Google Search Console stays the must accurate tool for you or for your client to know which keywords are you ranking for, to measure your Click Through Rate (CTR) per keywords and to have your impressions count.

Google search console offers very useful filters that can be used to analyse your website rankings by easily seeing comparisons between configurable periods per website, per page or per keyword. Doing so, you know exactly if you are on the right path on Google search engine.

Google search console is also the only tool that can show you exactly when you observe any anomalies on your traffic metrics. It also gives you a periodic diagnostic of your website through its SEO audit tool. Google search console will send you regular emails informing you with feedback about you modifications and also about your website or page health. You will know if some meta tags are conflicting, if one of your URLs is dead etc. Google does this to ensure that everybody stays in their standard of quality ad give the best user experience and content.

Of course all search engine optimization help is done with the client through their Google search console because even if you pay for tools like Ahrefs and Semrush, you need to see Google's feedback which is the must accurate one. The other tools are great for planning and expecting your rankings, however the result should always been analysed through Google Analytics and Google search console by every SEO optimization SEO.


Compared to amount of data that Ahrefs and Semrush can process every month, it is a tiny website, however it can be useful especially for beginners to optimize their page and make sure that they have no problems on their website.

It is a free tool but has a limit of free trial like Semrush and not like Ahrefs who has made even their AI writers free for use with no limit. SEOptimer can perform a descent analysis as an SEO audit tool. It can go through important aspect that a website has to respect like the meta tags, the main title, the core web vitals etc.  

SEOptimer has also a lot of very small tools than can do different tasks. It is a kind of toolkit for SEO that you use as you need like. Some of them are very important like for example with the domain name age checker that you can use when purchasing domain name, and other have less importance meaning that you may use one of then once in while.

Just to know, they have three plans, the most expensive one is for SEO companies and agencies.
As we've said before, search optimization services are all about data and resources to be able to get the most amount of clients. For this reason, SEO marketing firms tend to try and purchase tools every time they put hands on one to get the best possible help and be able to overwhelm their clients needs.  

Screaming Frog

It is a desktop based based that can be very useful for monitoring all your website pages audits and get rid of all technical SEO issues and some on-page-SEO issues as well. It can crawl you whole website URL by URL and give a complete report about each one. It check even your grammar and vocabulary.

It basically tries to do what Google search console is doing only with Screaming Frog, you are able to see the report because Google Search Console may take some decisions about your ranking dues to some problems you don't even know they exist.

Screaming Frog is very handy SEO audit tool when you are updating your website especially if you have a huge one. Your are also able to program crawling and compare between crawls. You can save you pages HTML if you decide to role back.

Screaming Frog can help solving one of the most difficult problems to handle in your website which is internal linking. It can look for broken links, orphan pages and also show your whole website mapping. As an SEO agency, you need almost a click of a button to check thousands of your client pages and know what can be wrong about their on-page and technical SEO.

Screaming Frog offers a free version that has limited features with a maximum of 500 URLs to crawl and check. The paid version offer no URLs limit and more other features with a yearly payment plan.

How to deal with NLP keywords?

It is important to use NLP keywords because it helps Google search engine to identify the answer to questions or the interresting content accuratly.

It is a huge change and a very impactful new SEO factor because this is now what Google uses to determine your relevance, of course next to you main and semantic keywords. Only few tools can provide them, but don't worry, they are already integrated in our SEO optimizer content editor.

This is an example:

seo optimize 0/ 3 - 5

This keyword is wrong grammatically, but because it is an NLP keyword, here is how you can use it:

  • ...seo to optimize...
  • ...seo and optimize...
  • ...seo when you optimize...

"to", "and" and "when you" are called stop words and the keyword will be still counted even if you use them. This will make it easier for you to implement keywords smoothly and at the same time your content will be more relevant to Google's AI bots.

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