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We are glad that you've made it until this FAQ. We are constantly enhancing our solution and adding more valuable functionalities to it.

You may face some issues related to many different factors, which is normal with any online tool.

We strongly recommend for you that you check the response to the popular questions we receive from our users.

There wasn't much text that had been changed

rephrasing small sentence with QuillTools

Our rephraser is based on artificial intelligence. You can think of its approach as if it was done by a human. The longer is your text, the better rephrasing result you get.

The goal of the algorithm is to give the most accurate rephrasing result in all modes and to correct all grammatical mistakes. For this reason, short text doesn't get many changes.

The AI algorithm can also recognize the context and give a more professional touch. If we've focused on just outputting a different text, the algorithm would have given a result that changes the original meaning and context.

I have clicked on the rephrase button but it just keeps spinning

rephrasing small sentence with QuillTools

This could happen when you encounter a very slow internet connection. We recommend in this case that you check your internet speed and refresh the page.

It is very rare that you will face some issue coming from our server, unless there's exceptional load which rarely happens because we are dedicating strong servers to give you the fastest and most accurate results possible.

Is using the rephrased text safe for SEO?

SEO and rephrasing

We can confirm that the rephrased text is not considered as a plagiarized text by Google or any other search engines, but we don't guarantee that your article or product will rank.

This is simply because Google's algorithm is not only based on text but also on hundreds of other parameters. Let's say, for example, you find an article about hiking and you want to rephrase it with our tool. It is possible and it will be considered as a new article from a new source. But as you may know, hiking is very general and generic. Google may not need your article because it already has too many similar ones to answer users' requests. So our advice is:

Use our rephrasing tool to only avoid plagiarism or duplicate content. You will still have to handle the SEO part separately.