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The most accurate Quillbot Sentence Counter, which is a free alternative that is tested on thousands of paragraphs. It is not only a counter for sentences, it will process other important writing metrics.

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How to identify a sentence?

A sentence can be identified at its end by one of those three punctuation marks:

  • Periods
  • Exclamation marks
  • Interrogation marks

It always begins with a capital letter, contains a verb and can be a statement, an exclamation, a question or a command.

Sentences length can vary depending on various factors. It can be a requirement for a writing contest or an exam, it can also depend on the context or the writing style. But for a regular writing, sentences are preferred to be short (from 15 to 20 words), simple and concise.

What's a sentence counter?

It is a sentence counting tool that automatically counts all sentences in text content and gives you back the total number of sentences.

Sentence count is a metric used in a lot of writing practices. If it's a small paragraph, you can easily count sentences, but if you have multiple paragraphs with a significant number of sentences, you would need to use a sentence counter.

In some situations, you don't have time to count sentences if you are for example a teacher who is checking his students works, or if you have a very long text. It becomes almost impossible and very exhausting to find sentences visually. You would need to use an online sentence counter.

How does a sentence counter work?

A sentence counter is based on coding and can be in various coding languages like Javascript, Python, C++ and others. It is programmed to identify sentences by detecting the punctuation marks that signify the ending of each sentence.

A sentence counter was usually coming with a special writing software that someone can install on his laptop, but actually you can find an online sentence counter that will make the job quickly and easily.

In a sentence counter, you should be able to paste your text or import your document and click the sentence count button to start the software. You will be prompted to wait for some time before you receive your number of sentences.

Is there an online sentence counter?

Yes, you can use our online sentence counter on this page instantly without any limit of word count and signing-up isn't required. Our sentence counting tool analyses your text content online very quickly and efficiently.

This sentence counter tool works on any browser perfectly. It can be comfortably used on desktop or mobile thanks to its easy and responsive user interface that makes all your sentence a task that you can do everywhere.

On top of the sentence counter, you can make other types of counts available on that same sentence counter tool and get not only the number of sentences, but also other useful metrics that you may need by the same occasion.

How many sentences in a paragraph?

A sentence count in a paragraph depends on the type of the writing and the personal choices, but a regular paragraph should contain five to seven sentences with the first sentence as a small introduction and last one as a conclusion and maybe a teaser for what will come after.

In some case, sentence count may be determined by a contest, an exam, your teacher or the type of the writing. For this reason, it is important to have a sentence counter next to during your writing.

Our online sentence counter is an easy tool that will help you exactly do that weather you paste your text content or you are writing inside our text editor. You will have your sentences in the text content counter in real time without the need to wait for some time or for the page reload.

Check our article on counting words in a sentence to become better at using entences during your writing.

How to count sentences in a paragraph?

You can start by marking each period, exclamation mark and interrogation mark. Sometimes, you may find an ellipsis which is used to mark a truncated sentence which is also considered  as a sentence. The number of those punctuation mark is the number of your sentences.  

For this purpose, you can use our online sentence counter to make your sentence counting easily and instantly. Our online sentence counter works perfectly for long or short text content even with complex sentences.

A lot of bloggers, students, teachers, copywriters and writers use our online sentence counter everyday on desktop and on mobile to count sentences in their text content each time they need it. No matter how long is your text, this sentence counter will have no issue analyzing your content online for each sentence and get you back the information on the number of sentences with words metrics.

Complex sentence counter

Our sentence counter have no issue working as a complex sentence counter no matter how high the length and the complexity of your text content.

It is based on strong NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithms that has the ability to analyse any text and do a lot of thing like counting sentences, creating synonyms and a lot of other powerful tasks that we use in all our tool in this website.

It is automatically analyzing thousands of content online for sentence counting every second, from users in all the world , reading paragraphs line by line, breaking through the text to get the information thousands of users need very quickly.

Accurate sentence counter

As we specialize in tools tat help writers of any kind make their job easily, we know that the accuracy is the first things we should have in every tool we offer. This is why our sentence counter is far more accurate that all online sentence counters you can find.

We've been testing our sentence counter with professional writers and bloggers for the slight mistake in the results we provide. After consistently making several revisions to our initial coding, we've came out with the final result, which is a sentence writer that is accurate even with thousands of paragraphs and very complex sentences.

Our sentence counter is a very reliable tool that you can use everyday and be confident of the result you will get from it, as professionals from all over the world are using it and having a great fun with it.

Check our article on counting words in a sentence to become better at using entences during your writing.

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