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Discover Quillbot Online Proofreader which is a free alternative with no words limit. Use it for your online proofreading services, and for your own writing. Locate the grammar, vocabulary and spelling mistakes with our proofreading checker and correct them instantly.

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What is proofreading?

Proofreading is to carefully revise your writing to check errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, syntax and formatting. It is the last step before officially finishing your document, and publishing it to your readers. It is very important to do, as mistakes and other anomalies can be sneaky which can heart your work in short or long term.

Proofreading insures the quality of your writing and prevents you from any surprises after the publishing step. It can be done by the writer himself or buy another person that the writer hires for to proofread in parallel with his writing process.

With modern technologies, you can find free online proofreading tool like our to do the job for you. In our case our free proofreading tool can be your AI writing assistant to spend less time on and resources on your proofreading.

How to do English proofreading online?

Our free online proofreading tool can help you do English proofreading online quickly and efficiently. Because it is an AI writing assistant, you won't have to spend time proofreading your work, and you won't need to hire someone for that.

Our online proofreading tool can do the job for your AI powered writing, as you can't rely on that type of content to be error free. It is an automated proofreading software that analyses your text, and highlights every mistake in it.

Best proofreading sites

You can find multiples sites for online proofreading and editing services with tools, or with human assistant. Other proofreading and editing websites offers sending proofreader to work on your writing at your office. Everything is about your requirement for the job.

However, getting the best quality proofreading services isn't always; proofreading is a task that can be done in a very bad way by people with the only intention is to get paid without doing efforts. As you won't check your work after it has been proofread, it is difficult to determine the quality of the job that was done. You can audit your proofreaders, but if you find out they were skipping mistakes, you'll have to do the job again. 

This is what makes proofreading a very challenging task to outsource and insure the quality of the result. To prevent all those issues, you need an automated proofreading software to do that job for you, or at least insure the quality of the proofreading job that was done.

Our site offers a free proofreading software with no word limit. It will analyse you article, or your entire book for every kind of mistakes. Our free online proofreading tool is capable of highlighting all the mistakes in the original text, and helps you correct them instantly. It can generate an entire error free text based on your original, and that you can use instantly.

How to use our proofreading tool in your proofreading jobs?

If you have an online proofreading and editing service, you can use our proofreading checker for free as your AI writing assistant. It will highlight every grammar and spelling mistakes in your entire document or text with no limit of words.

Any writing mistakes will be highlighted and shown by our powerful artificial intelligence processor. You'll be able to get a proofread writing that your clients or yourself can rely on. 

To use our proofreading tool in your proofreading jobs, just paste you text, without worrying about its length, in our text input then click the proofread button. You will get a free grammar check for your English text and be able to correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. Our proofreading checker is able to highlight every mistake to warn you about it, and also create a mistake free text for you to use directly in your work.

Proofreading checker 

Can AI do proofreading for free? 

Our proofreading checker is based on artificial intelligence that was trained on correct text from trustful sources. Our AI technology model can detect all kinds of grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes and accurately highlight them within your original text. You'll be able to see what's wrong with your writing before applying any correction.

If you already are using an online proofreading and editing services, you can audit them with our proofreading checker and show them the errors they had let slept.

What are the best proofreading apps free?

You can use our free proofreading tool to detect your writing mistakes with no sign-up or registration. It is an AI writing assistant for all kinds of writing and editing work. It provides you with a free grammar checker and an online editor that helps check grammar in your English text.

Our free proofreading tool is able to analyse English text from any length almost instantly. It checks punctuation, vocabulary and spelling in an automated way with its deep learning algorithms. It is perfect for teachers and students because it not only facilitates learning, but also gives them the opportunity to have a free useful tool.

How can I become an online proofreader?

Becoming a proofreader requires having strong language and editing knowledge developed through experience in proofreading services. You can start by studying grammar and vocabulary to increase your accuracy, at the same time offer your online proofreading and editing services on websites like Fiverr or Upwork as an amateur.

After a while, you will be building a portfolio of clients who like your services; you want to keep studying and increasing your level, and acquire certifications with professional organisms like the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA) or the American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA).

You can market yourself and your services more and more as you grow; you may need to create a website to increase your authority and show more of your online proofreading and editing services and skills.

You can also use our online proofreading tool to help you in your work, and in your learning process.

How much do virtual proofreaders make? 

Proofreaders in United States can make from 15$ to 50$ or more per hour based on their experience, their knowledge area and the content. As you grow your expertise, you will be able to make more money by working yourself, or by hiring a team who will work under your guidance. 

It is also possible to find proofreaders to whom you can outsource the work to, but keep in mind that as a professional proofreader, your image is important, and you need to always insure a high quality of work.

How do I get hired as a proofreader? 

To get hired as a proofreader you need to have a strong knowledge on grammar and vocabulary proving by having done some studies or courses, or by having significant experience in this field. You can then apply for different proofreading open jobs or by networking and getting recommended by one of your acquaintances.

A good proofreader is like a good mechanic, you can find them easily but you won't the best of them; this is why you will be deeply tested by your future employer, so get prepared and learn the best you can.

How do I become a proofreader with no experience at home?

You have to be perfect in language and never stop learning more. You can't be proofreading someone with you still making mistake in your writing unless you are using a tool like our free online proofreader.

Start by creating accounts in hustling websites like Fiverr or Upwork, try to get jobs from there and use our free tool to help yourself execute the tasks. Try to develop your knowledge because you'll need to prove yourself for clients that pay more even if you are working from home; they will test you.

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