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Discover the benefits that you can get from this easy task which can been done as an activity or as an exercise. In the meanwhile you will learn how counting words in sentence can help your children or yourself and how to use a sentence counter to perform sentence counting activity.

Fri, 05 Jan 2024
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How do you count words in a sentence?

You can do it manually or using our online but let us know how to that manually:

  1. Count spaces between words
  2. Count contraction words as one word (example: I'll = 1-word)
  3. Ad one to the number of spaces you've found

It is great to master manual knowledge in grammar and vocabulary like in our case with this sentence counting method, but sometimes it can be difficult to do it on more complex or long sentences especially if this task will be repetitive. This is why you may need to use a sentence counter for this purpose.

Children must learn counting words in a sentence because it will help them a lot with their writing. It may be difficult for them in the beginning, but it a great exercise to help them tackle writing better and have a better understanding on writing techniques and dealing with sentences.

How do you teach counting words in a sentence?

The best way is by using a figure that shows the technique and also the exception for the students to understand how to deal with contraction words when counting words in a sentence. It isn't difficult to learn that by students and it will have a great impact on their level in vocabulary and grammar. They will deal better with words in sentences and paragraphs.

Teaching counting words in a sentence can be done as an activity where students will try to do something new for them and teach language in a compound way that help a lot increase their understand. This is a scientific approach of learning that is proved itself in a lot of studies.

Sometimes learning seems to not work with some students. The problem doesn't reside in them all the time. In fact everybody can learn anything, it's just that not everybody accept and memorize information in the same way. This compound way of learning language by teaching counting words in a sentence could be what students need to feel comfortable with what you give them.

What is counting words in a sentence phonemic awareness?

It is a great way to teach a conditioned brain on another language to process each word alone and give the best phonemic pronunciation the candidate is able to make. The problem when learning languages or for children when they learn to read is that their brains are already used to what they already know, neural networks responsible of language are already established and they need to break for a while to give them the opportunity to create new networks.

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The whole process of learning is possible by compartmentalizing to give the brain cell enough time to work differently than they used to. Phonemic rules are the best way to exercise this type of learning because by trying, the candidate will solicit a whole neurological system and also all types of memory.  

Counting words in a sentence is also a very good way to increase reading ability. It can be done at the beginning of every reading session or for people who have difficulties reading text or books. It is a good way for children to help them improve their reading abilities and make them comfortable with all kinds of texts.

Why do I count words in a sentence?

There are many reasons why you would count words in a sentence:

  1. Respect a given average words per sentence
  2. Use it as a warming for a reading session
  3. Teach it to your kids to increase their cognitive skills

It is a simple exercise yet very powerful for the child and the adult. It can help with phonological awareness activity by studying sentence by sentence segmentation, it is a proven way to help increase reading ability for child and for the adult and sometimes it can be entertaining if done as small competition or a game.

If you have difficulties reading books and you can't have that patience to follow words, do this exercise before every reading session:

  • Count the number of words in the ten top sentences in the first page
  • Try to not fall asleep! If you are still awake, now read them without counting
  • Do this every time you sit to read your book or your articles

After two to three times, you will fill that reading isn't as difficult or boring as it was. You will be able to go through text with insane capability and you'll start to love reading.

Counting words in a sentence online

Use our that can give you the word counter for your sentences. It can count characters in words and sentences and syllables. It has no word count in sentence limit and can be used on desktop and on mobile as well.

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You can also check our free version of Sentence Counter.

To use our you just have to copy and paste your sentence into our text input, you can write it as well, our sentence counter will be counting words and characters by the same time you are writing.

You can use sentence counter in writing as well because it will give you a very useful metrics about your text like the global count of words and characters and it will check every sentence words to give you the total number of words in a sentence.

If you are interested on writing sentences or paraphrasing them, our website has a long set of tools that help writers and students to make the best writing in the best productive way. We have also a plagiarism checker that will help checking if your sentence has been copied from a source online or from any other document.

Counting words in a sentence activity

It can be done easily using our website. You can generate sentences using our AI writer. Your can print them or show them on our AI writer editor. You can set a scoring sheet with the names of the candidates. Each one will try to guess the sentence's length in a specific amount of time then you can count words in each sentence in our sentence counter to check for the correct answer.

Counting sentences words should be done in every elementary school and even for adults who have issues with reading or to increase the phonological awareness in an activity for people to perform the language. This is a very smart and easy way of learning in a new and efficient way without making the candidates feel so serious or bored.

Counting words in a sentence activity can be both entertaining and thoughtful for people from all ages and different goals. Our can help a lot with the counting words in a sentence activity because it very easy to use and can adapt to any kind of device.

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