Guide to write an Essay using the Best essay rewriter

To rewrite essay means to change its words and structure by paraphrasing sentences and paragraphs within its body. Perfectly, this can be done using an essay rewriter with a human quality rewriting result. However, the majority of available essay rewriters can't reach this level. Fortunatly, you've landed on this article that will guide you on how to use our free essay rewriter to write a perfect essay. You'll discover with proof, why our tool is the best essay rewriter.

Sun, 03 Sep 2023
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What are the top 11 importance of essay writing?

Writing essay is very beneficial for students of every levels and ages. Its importance goes beyond the fact that you practice your writing skills. When you are writing an essay, you use every part of your brain which, by the time, will make you more confident, very productive and perhaps a better human being. 

There are many uses of essay writing. Even a security agent have to write a report about incidents. So to help you ensure you are doing the right thing now, reading this guide, here are the top 11 importance of writing essay:

  1. Practice and increase your writing skills level
  2. Learn research and acquire critical thinking
  3. Develop your creativity and problem solving skills
  4. Sharpen your memory and your focus on tasks
  5. Work on your personal thoughts and organize them
  6. Increase your communication and idea delivery skill
  7. Gain smooth persuasive skills and sens of good judgment
  8. Helps you in your daily life, in your job and many situations
  9. Develop a pleasant attitude and a hard working nature
  10. Improve your culture as you learn by the same time
  11. Have a hobby or an opportunity of source of income

What is the concept of essay rewriter?

  • Paraphrase sentences by changing structure and words
  • Keep the same meaning and respect the whole context
  • Rewrite with the same style and words difficulty
  • Ensure to pass AI detection and rewrite essay without plagiarizing

Those qualities of an essay rewriter are very important and not available in the majority of cases; some rewriting tools can't , they need longer content, others are just article spinners. 

Available AI powered paraphrasing tools nowadays use too much of the AI and can not only be detected by an AI detector, but they give a result that is unpleasant to read with incoherent words and shorter sentences.

Writing academic essay or any other kind of essay requires a proper style and a coherent set of vocabulary. This is why you want your essay paraphrasing tool to be as good as a human writer, making high quality paraphrasing result.

What are the different types of essay rewriters available?

In our opinion, there two types of essay paraphrasing tools:

  • The good ones that make human quality paraphrasing
  • The bad ones that may put your work in a slippery slip

We know you are here because you are looking for the best ones. Don't worry, we are coming to that part.

For now, what you need to understand is that not any paraphrasing tool will correctly and put words synonyms correctly. You need to be very selective and careful when choosing your paraphrasing tool.

how to use an essay rewriter effectively (Step-by-step guide)

Let say you've found a great paraphrasing tool and it's time to paraphrase sentences from your essay or any other source that you are willing to use. Of course, we suppose that you've already created your essay outline and you are now in the writing phase.

  1. Decide to use one English style in your essay (fluent or formal)
  2. Set the essay paraphrasing tool to the English style of your essay
  3. Choose your sentences to paraphrase with the right level of vocabulary
  4. Construct your paragraph with source sentences in the paraphrasing tool
  5. Read the paraphrased paragraph and make a judgment before using it

Let try to use our to make a paragraph about: Start hiking isn't that difficult

Let's do some Google search:

google search to get sentence

And here's our text before paraphrasing, around 185 words:

text before paraphrase

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You can also check our free version of Quillbot paraphrase.

We've pasted it to our essay rewriter and we've choosen the fluency mode, then we've clicked the rewrite button:

ready to rewrite

In few seconds you will get your paraphrased paragraph with the metrics on how much words has been changed and also the percentage of change on the structure: 

paragraph rewriter result

Our free paraphrasing tool has done a great job of changing 62% of the words and 45% of the structure. And the paraphrased result is far better than the original text.

How to ensure to paraphrase sentences is high-quality?

You can ensure a high quality paraphrased output by:

  • Using a human quality type of paraphrasing tool
  • Reading the paraphrased text to check it manually
  • Ensuring that the source  text has a descent meaning
  • Making minor tweaks or change the paraphrasing mode
  • Revise the finale work to check for inconsistencies 

The is key! No matter how good your original text, if the paraphrasing tool doesn't have what is required to paraphrase sentences and paragraphs like a professional writer, the result will be very awkward. 

What's the difference between an essay rewriter and a normal rewriter?

An essay rewriter's AI model has been trained on a high quality dataset but the normal one used random data mostly from the web.

On top of that, some ordinary paraphrasing tool can through out some words in other languages, this is to show how much random the dataset was.

Is it possible to use ChatGPT as an essay rewriter?

  • It was trained on a low quality data from random web-pages
  • It is easily detected by most of the AI detector
  • It has a high ratio of plagiarism

You can still use ChatGPT in your daily writings and paraphrasing with simple content like emails, social media regular posts etc...

If you want to rewrite your essay professionally, you need a to make a human like quality paraphrasing job.

What are the benefits of using an essay rewriter?

  • Help you develop your writing
  • Increase your productivity 
  • Prevent shortness of ideas
  • Lower your content plagiarism ratio
  • Prevent AI detection for AI generated content

An essay rewriter is one of the best tool-set that any student or writer should have for a very advanced productivity and a low level of stress during work.

How does an essay paraphrasing tool improves the quality of your essay?

It has a professional writing quality that can level up your essay's vocabulary and style. If you are not confident about your writing you can test our free essay rewriter to check the result.

For example let's take this paragraph from a random forum answer: 

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You can also check our free version of Quillbot paraphrase.

random sentence and paragraph

Let's use our free essay rewriter and check the result:

paraphrase random sentence

As you can see, the paraphrased text is fluent. Our tool can rewrite sentences with great length, and you can use it confidently anywhere in your essay.

How to choose a paraphrasing tool for your essay?

You want your essay paraphrasing tool to have those criteria:

  • Able to bypass AI detectors
  • Paraphrases without plagiarism
  • Must have a human quality paraphrasing
  • Must have a testing plan or perfectly free

Our free essay paraphrasing tool has all what you need to make the best essay paraphrasing with confidence. This must be your number one tool when writing your academic essay or any other kind of essay.

Our free essay paraphrasing tool has no word limit and no testing limit. You can , paragraphs or a whole essay to test it and check its performence.

You will be able to write essays like a professional writer with a high quality vocabulary and a better style. By the time you are using our free essay paraphrasing tool, you will be able to develop your writing skills and your productivity.

Is there a free essay rewriter to rewrite a long essay?

However, we doesn't recommend to rewrite essay just because you are lazy. Rewriting an essay can benefit you the most if you are using it for your own content to enhance your style and vocabulary by rewriting it.

Whenever you have an essay to rewrite, just go to our free essay rewriter url and start instantly rewriting your essay from any length.

Conclusion on the best essay rewriter

What's the best essay rewriter?

  1. It is totally free and sets no limit
  2. It makes human quality paraphrasing result
  3. It is undetectable by AI detectors
  4. The paraphrased result is 100% unique
  5. It is super fast with no waiting time
  6. It has several modes and styles
  7. It adapts perfectly to your source text 

Our essay paraphrasing tool is free for anyone and will help students a lot especially those who can't afford buying tools online. On top of that we doesn't require any sign-up to start using.

Our free essay paraphrasing tool has very easy user interface and can be used on desktop and on mobile as well. It doesn't require any configuration, you can directly start using it as soon as the pages load on your browser.

If you want to know more about check it out.

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