How Do You Paraphrase A Blog Article?

We will be paraphrasing a blog article, checking the plagiarism and AI detection after we rewrite it with our paraphrasing tool. You will understand everything you need about paraphrasing articles in a writing point of vue, and also regarding SEO optimization. You will discover how powerful our free paraphrasing tool is and be stunned seeing how it can paraphrase sentences and reword a paragraph.

Tue, 05 Sep 2023
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paraphrase a blog article

Why would you paraphrase a blog article?

Here are seven situations where we recommend paraphrasing a blog article:

  • Refresh and enhance your old blog articles
  • Pass AI detection with AI writers like ChatGPT
  • Insure that your content is plagiarism free
  • Make the style better and more professional
  • Unify the writing's style through the blog post

There are a lot of ways every blogger uses to increase his writing productivity; some of them are using free content for their blog, others are implementing AI writing generators and of course it comes a part when every one is doing the writing.

How to implement a paraprasing tool in your writing process?

Use a paraphrasing tool during the writing phase or when updating your articles. With a powerful paraphrasing tool lik ours, you may rewrite your whole article with it.

Unless you are a professional content writer, you may find yourself in a phase where you have to read your blog article again to remove mistakes and rewrite some parts of it. From our experience with beginner bloggers, if you check how much time you spend on this phase you would find that it may be as much as you've spent on the writing part.

A this point, it become very difficult to keep up with the productivity level you were expecting because there is a lot of delay. It is difficult to know how much time you need to make your blog article at the expected level. It depends on the topic and the competitiveness.

This is when the need of a content paraphrasing tool becomes obvious. You need a rephrase tool to rewrite everything, to insure that your writing is great and that you have a unique and plagiarism free blog article. 

Why would you need a paraphrasing tool with SEO?

In terms of search engine optimization (SEO), it is known that plagiarism reduces your chances to rank high with your blog article, especially if you've copied content from famous sources like Wikipedia or other well known blogs without a clear citation. A plagiarism free content becomes one of the basics.

Not only that but actually, with the rise of AI content generators, another issue showed up making the job of a blog article writer even more difficult which is AI detection; for a successful search engine optimization strategy to have success, you will need not only a well optimized and plagiarism free content, but also an article with a very low AI percentage.

The problem is that any online paraphrasing tool is AI powered now, and the old spinning bots doesn't guaranty a unique and plagiarism free content so they are useless. 

No matter which online paraphrasing tool you are using, if doesn't matter if it's a paraphrasing tool for free or an expensive paraphrasing tool, they all share the use of AI in their online paraphrasing tool.

How to choose the best paraphrasing tool?

As a blogger, or a blog article writer, you want to paraphrase online with a tool that has this 5 qualities:

  • It produces unique and plagiarism free content
  • It rewrites with a low AI score and passes AI detection
  • Must be affordable and perfectly a free paraphrasing tool
  • An online paraphrasing tool that has a high quality writing
  • Keeps the original meaning and unifies the style

We will be using because we believe it has all those required qualities of a content paraphrasing tool for your article.

How would QuillTools help paraphrase your article?

To paraphrase online with our tool is one of the easiest tasks to do because we have a user friendly interface that requires no sign-up so that you can have a rephrase tool to rewrite without sharing your personal data or wasting time on creating your user account and logging. 

It doesn't matter if your article includes text from a free content for blog website or a well known source. When using to rewrite  your article, you will not only avoid plagiarism in the paraphrased text and pass through AI detection, but also get an high quality and error free blog content. You will save time and money in your writing process and increase your productivity.

You will be able to go online and instantly whenever you need it. Our paraphrasing tool is free and has sets no limit in article length and content to paraphrase counts.

Because keeping original meaning is so important, one of the is to rewrite by understanding your text. It doesn't matter if you are using free content for blog or another source, our online paraphrasing tool will always rewrite your article by keeping the original meaning.

Now let dive into paraphrasing this blog article.

How to choose your article to paraphrase?

Depending on the situation, you may be choosing a free content for blog or it may be your own blog article, what it sure is the high quality output that you'll get from for your content.

To show you how do you paraphrase a blog article we will choose this article from Ahrefs.

ahrefs title

Plagiarism percentage for the original content

Let's measure the plagiarism percentage for the original content and see the sources that will come out from it.

Let's choose a part from this article to paste into our plagiarism checker and measure the plagiarism percentage:

ahrefs original content

Now that we've pasted the original content into our plagiarism checker, let's check its plagiarism percentage:

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You can also check our free version of Quillbot paraphrase.

plagiarism checker first test

Obviously, our plagiarism checker has detected 100% plagiarism and gave back the URL of the article.

Setting up the text to paraphrase and adding grammatical mistakes

Our is totally free and has no limits so we can copy the whole article into it without any problem:

more than 2500 words to paraphrase

As you can see, we have more than 2500 words article to paraphrase in our paraphrasing tool content input. And by the way, let's create some grammatical mistakes to check if our paraphrasing tool will paraphrase content and check grammar at the same time:

grammar mistakes before paraphrase

In 1 and 2 we've created a grammatical mistake and in the 3, we've omitted a word to cause grammatical errors and see how to correct grammatical mistakes with our paraphrasing tool. 

Paraphrasing more that 2500 words with our tool

Now let's run the and rewrite the whole article to see how it does with the paraphrased text and also if it will correct grammatical errors. Here is the result:

paraphrased article

Practically the whole content has changed because our paraphrasing tool replaced 61% of the words either with synonyms or with another style of words and 55% of the content structure. This is huge for a paraphrasing tool to make all this change. 

Checking plagiarism after paraphrasing

Let's now check if it will pass the plagiarism detection. Let's again copy our paraphrased text into our plagiarism checker:

no plagiarism after paraphrasing

We have a plagiarism percentage of 0% which mean that this is a brand new article that has been never used before in any place. It is 100% unique and paraphrasing has been done on each sentence and paragraph. You will start now to understand how paraphrasing is important for bloggers to rephrase any part they need of their text.

Checking grammatical mistakes after paraphrasing

Let's check how does corrects grammatical mistakes and how it did with the grammatical errors we've added:

gramaticcal mistakes corrected

You can see that grammatical errors had been eradicated from the blog content. By putting your content to paraphrase from your blog post you insured that not only you had a unique content, but also a good content and a high quality blog post.

Measuring AI detection percentage

It is time to check if our blog post will get an AI pass. We will check the original source of content first to see the result before we paraphrase with our tool and after that.

For this test, we will use Scribbr AI detector. Here's the result for the original log post:

original blog post ai score

The original blog post has 0% of AI score which means it has been perfectly written by a human and there was no use of AI in any way.

Let's now check the AI detection result after paraphrasing the blog post with our paraphrasing tool:

paraphrased blog post ai score

It has 0% of AI detection as well which means that our blog content has been paraphrased with a very high quality . It can be better than the original depending on the original article. 

What are things to do with a paraphrasing tool?

Here are five things to do with a paraphrasing tool:

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  • Paraphrase a sentence, rewrite a paragraph or a whole article
  • Make your text error free and avoid plagiarism
  • Paraphrase AI generated text or sentence like from ChatGPT
  • Enhance the style and the grammar in your writing
  • Use different writing styles in your text like fluency rewrite etc.

This why paraphrasing is important for bloggers to rephrase any stalling articles with words or text in their writing that doesn't use enough synonyms or with sentences that are no professional  creating weaknesses in their articles.

What are things to not do with a paraphrasing tool?

Here are two things not to do with a paraphrasing tool:

  • Don't paraphrase existing articles and claim them
  • Don't use it on a text that is very bad with no meaning

There is no good purpose on claiming a writing that you don't own. It may give you some success at the beginning but the limit of it is very near. Instead use our paraphrasing tool for your own article to reduce your budget on outsourcing the writing and to make your style better. Also use it to increase your productivity as we set not limit on the tool.

What SEO measures to take regarding paraphrasing?

Search engine like Google has its own set of algorithms to identify the relevant content and set its indexing and ranking. It bases its analysis on a lot of factors but the ones that are interesting for us are of course related to the paraphrasing tool.

Of course SEO optimization requires putting the right words in each sentence, meaning that this process may be affected after you paraphrase your text or content. However, regarding the quality that our paraphrasing tool has, you will still have a semantically equivalent content after you paraphrase your sentence or your text. SEO optimization takes in consideration semantics and this difference may be useful in some situations.

What are SEO recommendations when using a paraphrasing tool?

Here are five recommendations to not affect you SEO optimization after you paraphrase:

  • Your core keyword must show in your title
  • Don't paraphrase your long tail keywords
  • The original keywords must show at least once
  • If you use "Suggestions" in titles don't paraphrase them
  • Your main keyword must show a descend amount of time

What are SEO benefits of using a paraphrasing tool?

Here are three SEO benefits from using the right paraphrasing tool:

  • Uses new words and synonyms for less competitiveness
  • Makes the content better without loosing relevancy
  • Passes AI detection and makes plagiarism free text

You may want to apply paraphrasing to one of your articles that doesn't do well and see how it does. It may be not ranking because the keywords you've used in it are very competitive. After your paraphrase it, you will have a totally new set of keywords that are synonyms or relevant to the original words without the need to do a keyword research.

In our case, paraphrasing is important for us in SEO and we prefer to paraphrase articles that are not ranking and test the rankings before doing any content editing on them or writing new content.

However we doesn't recommend to paraphrase articles that are not yours for a lot of reasons that we will talk about in what's coming next. But first it great to know:

What does search engine not like in paraphrased articles?

Here are five things search engine hates about AI powered articles:

  • Articles that are irrelevant to any search query
  • Articles that has significant or clear plagiarism
  • Generic AI generated text like ChatGPT's text
  • A tin content with not enough text for the topic
  • A content that doesn't bring something new

You insure that your text is unique with our paraphrasing tool and you can bypass AI detection by paraphrasing your ChatGPT generated content for example with ease, but the problem is with the last one; paraphrasing a whole article from Ahrefs for example or any other source may or may not be indexed, and if it does, it has a lot of chances to not do well. 

Would I rank if I paraphrase a whole article?

You won't do well in ranking if you are paraphrasing an article from another blog because you will be have a similar pattern which search engines like Google doesn't like. This is simply because search engine detects patterns in content even if you perfectly rewrite it with our paraphrasing tool. It will be considered very similar to the original source and search engine will forget about it.

You may make a few bucks bulk paraphrasing a lot of blog posts, but at the end it will be very limited and may not worth the try. You're better learning new SEO techniques that linking your hopes with a concept that is fully based on chance. So be sure of this: search engine knows when two articles are similar and of course the new one with less authority will fall.

Instead, use our paraphrasing tool as if you are doing very well with your blog and making a lot of money. This is an easy path and straight to success because you'll put all what it's needed for that. For example, bloggers that are doing well won't risk using a fully paraphrased article in their sitemap. This is bad not only for their reputation but also can fall to a serious juridic problems.

(You can check why we are )

What to learn from this paraphrasing experience

To paraphrase with a tool when you have a content from a blog that has to be reviewed because you don't consider it as a good content or you couldn't do the correct grammatical writing of the blog post, will save a lot of time and money for you.

When you paraphrase with , it is really a unique experience because each time you click on the paraphrasing button, you get a brand new, well written, error free and easy to understand blog post or article.

If you have any content to paraphrase that was giving you nightmares, now is the time to use our tool. Paste your text with any length, find the paraphrase button and click it, you're done. After seconds, you will have a totally different text with synonyms and new words. A new writing were each sentence is different from the original text.

During your blogging journey, you can paraphrase with our as much as you want without any limits. Rewrite any blog post you want without even the need t sign-up.


Our paraphrasing tool works perfectly for bloggers, even in the middle of those changes in the online world due to the rise of AI.

It makes your content greater, adds synonyms, new words and rewrites every sentence in your text. It works on the structure creating a totally different text. Depending on the original text, it can make each sentence better enhancing the grammar.

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