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Discover how you can use a powerful paraphrasing tool like Quillbot for your SEO. Learn with us an in-depth aspects of SEO, the last SEO tendencies, and at the end you will discover our SEO optimizer that will help you make ranking articles and content every time without the need to any other tool.

Tue, 05 Dec 2023
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how does paraphrasing tool affect seo

How does a paraphrasing tool affect SEO?

Here are  important positive effects of a good paraphrasing tool on SEO:

  • Makes your sentences more concise and information rich
  • Makes your content readable and processable by algorithms
  • Creates more structured sentences that has correct punctuation
  • Removes plagiarism from your content
  • Decreases or remove your AI score from your AI generated content
  • Improves readability by human reader and the style fluency
  • Improves the richness of words for more semantics for the search engine

How to make your sentence more concise with a paraphrasing tool?

A good paraphrasing tool rewrites your text content in a unique way that helps avoid plagiarism. 

Using content from other websites or AI generated leads to a decrease of the quality of your web page in search engine point of view. Other users must have done the same and got the same generic content from ChatGPT as an example. 

Search engines have multiple ways of valuing every article on the internet; they rely on duplicate content to judge your value. This will harm your ranking or will make you not ranking at all.

Why big web websites can get away with duplicate content?

Search engines like Google does not evaluate article the same way. This depends on the level of trust; if your website is big trustful enough for them because it has proven itself over the years, their valuating method will be different than a new site who had just been created. 

How to decrease AI score with a paraphrasing tool?

The right paraphrasing tool makes a high quality content in such a way that it is considered as human made by AI detectors and search engines. A regular paraphrasing tool will spin your text in a very automated way that sometimes it is obvious even for human reader to detect that it is AI made.

Search engines measures the AI score for new websites to determine their quality and reduce content flood. If you aim to start a fresh website and make quick ranking, you better not use AI to create your content. If you don't have a choice, use our paraphrasing tool to make your AI generated content look like human made.

How to make your content more readable with a paraphrasing tool?

Search engines prefer a writing style that is simple and concise. Shorter sentences are preferred to longer ones, and simple words related to the main topic are preferred over complicated or rare words.

Punctuation is very important for the search engine's NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithms to understand your text and give theirs users the best search result. You want to use perfect punctuation to show make your content processable and understandable.

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A good paraphrasing tool is able to rewrite your text in the right kind of way that will make your article easy to process by search engine. It will make the right punctuation and be grammatically correct employing short sentences, rich in information, to convey the same meaning.

How to create more keyword ranks with a paraphrasing tool?

Making successful content for search engine is a matter of quality and uniqueness of the information. This is assuming that you've already applied the basic SEO to your content like putting keywords in the titles.

Before writing an article, it is preferable to create your outline after checking of course what your competition has done. Sometimes you will find subjects and topics that your competition hasn't talk about, and there is your opportunity to add them to your content.

By using the right paraphrasing tool, you can easily gather content that is out of your knowledge zone, and rewrite it very quickly to use it under your titles with which you intent to leverage your competition. You aren't limited anymore on writing only for what you already now, and you can make content for even more in-depth subject that you don't understand very well.

Of course you may have to develop those parts of your content, if they are successful, into more in-depth articles and topics.

What to not do with a paraphrasing tool for SEO?

Don't use a paraphrasing tool to copy whole articles because you may get indexed, but you will never get a good ranking. Search engine can identify value change in content, and if you paraphrase a whole article, it will still be seen as a duplicate content.

A lot of beginners tries to create tons of articles by paraphrasing pages from other websites. This is a big waste of time! Instead we advice them to learn SEO or use our free to make content with value. 

Does QuillBot affect SEO?

Using Quillbot won't affect SEO if you don't mind loosing some exact match keywords. As a basic SEO strategy, it is important to have your keywords in your titles and description. You want to pay attention when paraphrasing with Quillbot to check if your main keywords had been replaced by their synonyms.

Beside that, Quillbot is great for SEO because it will paraphrase your text in a friendly way to search engines. It will reduce the fluffy content making your writing more dense and rich in information. It will also reduce the necessary sentences long length making them simpler and concise.

Quillbot is able to adjust your punctuation making your sentences easy to process by NLP algorithms. It will also make your writing fluent and very pleasant to read by a human reader.

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Can QuillBot paraphrasing be detected?

Quillbot paraphrasing can't be detected as plagiarized content neither as AI generated content. It has a high quality model that makes it able to create content similarly to a professional human writer. This is why the result is unique and AI score is low to null.

The idea behind Quillbot paraphrasing is undetectable must not be used as a way to copy others work because as we said before, paraphrasing whole articles won't let you make successful website quickly.

Use Quillbot paraphrasing to help you with your writing and to reduce your content creation cost. Use it also for rewriting content that you like without harming the original author.

Is it illegal to use QuillBot?

It is perfectly legal to use Quillbot as a paraphrasing tool for any kind of writing, but don't use it to do something illegal. Plagiarizing content or impersonating authors isn't legal especially in more academic context where quotation styles are involved.

For example, when paraphrasing APA or MLA style, you style need to quote the original author or source even if you paraphrase is unique. Publishing plagiarized works can lead to law suits and many bad consequences.

Quillbot is a great tool that you can use to make great writing that will make you succesful.

What is the disadvantage of QuillBot?

The only disadvantage of Quillbot is that the free version had words limit which makes it not suitable for paraphrasing longer content. For more than 125 words, you need to subscribe to a monthly plan.

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